Homeowner Services

What we do

Whether you've noticed sagging floors/ceilings, bowed/cracked basement walls, want to remove a wall to open up your living space, or discovered damage from termites/water infiltration, we have the expertise to evaluate the existing conditions and provide the most efficient and cost effective solution to your structural issue.  

When you remove walls, there are many considerations beyond replacing the vertical load bearing capacity of the removed wall. There are often critical considerations that are overlooked or that the contractor is simply unaware of.

We can:

  • Provide documentation for beams when removing interior bearing walls 
  • Provide documentation for beams and lateral load resisting elements when removing exterior walls
  • Provide documentation for foundation wall reinforcement options for cracked, bowed, or displaced foundation walls
  • Provide documentation for additions or renovations
  • Provide proactive structural inspection before selling your home to preempt any structural concerns, which are often the most critical items, during a home inspection