Consulting Services

What we do

We provide structural engineering consulting services to architects and contractors.  

We work with architects to provide unique structural solutions to allow your architectural vision to be realized.  We can provide signed and sealed drawings for larger jobs or we can provide structural information to be incorporated into your drawings for smaller jobs.  Whether it's a renovation or addition to an existing residence or commercial property or new construction, we provide innovative and efficient solutions.

We work with contractors who are responsible for delegated design components such as railing and stair design, metal stud backup, or any other delegated design component.  We can provide signed and sealed calculations for your shop drawings.  

We also work with contractors to provide structural information where a complete set of drawings or calculations may not be required.

We can:

  • Provide signed and sealed structural drawings to be incorporated into your set
  • Provide structural information to be included in your drawings
  • Provide calculations for delegated design services
  • Provide information for small structural items within a larger project that is not primarily structural in nature